Staying Connected

As an educator for over 35 years it has always been a goal of mine to keep in touch with my former students. Making time to stay connected has paid off in so many ways as I see the success of their lives and the impact I may have had on who they are now. At times where we are challenged during our day to day teaching lives, it is these moments that remind us of the reason why we love to teach and why what we do is so important. In this case one of my former students contacted me to ask if I would participate in a project her company was proposing. Her company wanted to address various important social issues and encouraged groups of staff to come together with common interests. In this case a group formed from across North America to address the asian-hate issue that occurred during the pandemic. Their idea was to connect with asian friends and talk about their experiences growing up to shed light on personal stories to allow others in the company to connect and empathize with their lives. Over time this evolved into sharing a family recipe with each other through video. Since my area of expertise is media development, I did the video for her and the following was the result of our sharing. 

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