Create Your Own Studio Project

In my Everyone Can Create Music with iPad course, I have added a few units to the Apple Book that takes the course to a advanced level, appropriate for higher education. One of these units investigates the topic of Audio, where students learn about hardware and software with which they would need to be familiar if expanding their work beyond iPad.

As the culminating assessment project for this unit, students are awarded (fictitious) grants ranging from $3,000 to $10,000 to build their own project recording studios. [Music majors are required to write the grant proposal in addition.] Students are then to use a basic instructor-designed template in Numbers to present their studio plan narrative in Sheet 1, their budget in Sheet 2, and a graphic representation of how each device connects on Sheet 3.

With the permission of the student, I would like to share an exemplary project created for this assignment. I find that the combination of envisioning/planning, researching/accounting, and creative design serves as the perfect assessment of their comprehension of the unit, not to mention that they develop proficiency with Numbers and will have a template for creating their own studio should the wish to pursue that venture. Win win win win! 😁

Gotta love Numbers and its power to design and present project based learning assignments!

#DeleteTheTable 😎


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