On the Intentional and Intuitive Use of the iPad


As the digital revolution continues to reshape education, Brisbane State High School (BSHS) embraces the intentional and intuitive use of iPads to create rich and impactful learning experiences.

For BSHS, the intentional use of iPads involves the deliberate integration of these devices into lesson plans and learning routines, with specific learning outcomes in mind. Through the deliberate use of a range of digital tools, such as digital textbooks, electronic quizzes, shared digital workspaces, and other multimedia resources our teachers utilise the iPad's abilities and features to design lessons that add value to traditional teaching methods. This approach allows our students to move closer to their learning goals by engaging with the learning process in ways familiar and relevant to their generation.

Key to the success of this approach is our teachers' and students' ability to use the iPad intuitively. That is, the ability to see the iPad as a fully integrated, reliable learning tool whose educational benefits are well understood by all. Through a carefully designed professional development program that focuses on developing all our teachers' knowledge of carefully selected core learning apps, we are combining research-based pedagogical practices with the best of what the iPad has to offer.

By using the iPad intentionally and intuitively, we are creating rich and impactful learning experiences for all our students, every lesson.

Antonios Apergis and Wade Haynes

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