On the Use of the iPad for Feedback


Much like the rest of society, high schools are being transformed by technology. One of the most impactful innovations can be seen in the way iPads enable our students to engage with the feedback/feed-forward process.

iPads offer us the potential for real-time formative assessment tasks that provide immense opportunities for timely feedback. In addition, the iPad has streamlined peer feedback and student self-evaluation routines, allowing our teachers to focus on what matters most: supporting each student's progress. Our students can easily access resources, participate in interactive quizzes, and collaborate on small group projects. Our research-based pedagogy combines the best of what we know that works with the best digital tools to achieve it.

The functionality and versatility of iPads and their apps also enable our teachers to easily monitor student progress both inside and outside the classroom. Feedback loops, which include annotations as well as voice comments, encourage our students to engage with their learning, making it easier to self-identify areas of improvement and promoting a growth mindset within a safe environment that normalizes mistakes as a necessary part of deep learning and real progress.

Ultimately, by harnessing the power of the iPad, we are equipping our students with the necessary skills for success in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Antonios Apergis and Wade Haynes

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