North Main Street School's Healthier Lifestyle Challenge

North Main Street School was introduced to the Apple Challenged Based learning activities in the fall of 2022.  As a school we felt this would be a great opportunity to use the series as a guide to implement activities which were aligned to our goals and vision for our school. 

In March we focused on the Healthier Lifestyle Challenge for our students, staff, and parents.  Our school termed the challenge “Move More in March''. The goal was to move more, each and every day. 

Our classes were challenged to add five - one minute movement breaks to each day in the month. We hoped to increase daily movement by at least five minutes a week, ultimately accumulating 100 minutes of increased activity for March by using creative dance and exercise breaks. 

Teachers got on board by sharing their favorite songs, websites, and activities with each other creating a culture of motivation.  Our staff participated in wellness walks with a teacher coach.  The goal was 11 laps around the inside of the building prior to the start of the school day.  We utilized smart devices to track activity and goals. 

Other staff activities included line dancing, led by a community instructor.  Parents were also encouraged to join in on the fun.  The culmination was the “Healthy Salad” tasting competition for our staff.  This was a great way to show off creative cooking strategies.  This innovative challenge helped to foster a better, healthier lifestyle, which some staff members are still participating in today. 





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Posted on May 16, 2023

What wonderful and very healthy activities you came up with. You certainly were making achieving ‘healthy’ a fun activity! Thanks for sharing your Challenge!

Posted on May 17, 2023

I love how your whole school community wrapped around the Challenge and implemented creative solutions together. #CBL and North Main for the win!


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