Facilitating Feedback using iPads with Classroom/Classwork

I found tech needed to enhance my pedagogical beliefs around feedback rather than compromising my established culture by playing with the latest thing.

Realistically I use iPads in my classroom in 3 ways:

1. Getting the work - so students are accessing the work in a time effective manner.

2. Creating the work - ensuring tasks are specific and promote creativity.

3. And now I wanted complete the work flow cycle by linking feedback loop. I have found this to be the most challenging when utilising iPads with my Year 3s. I noticed that last year when we started using 1:1 ipads I found I was missing those ah ha and celebration moments. So I thought how can I do this better...

First Strategy is Screen Mirroring with Classroom - Yes Classroom is a great tool to lock iPads but it helps me in three main ways: ACP

Accountability is key - as my students say "it puts pressure on." I can see the work flow in live time allowing me to judge how clear my instructions have been and where help needs to be given.

Check in - this is my favourite as i get to see and celebrate students work - selecting students, projecting their learning to the screen and sharing with their peers how they got the answer.

Plenary - Towards the end of lessons, screen mirroring helps me work through a plenary by connecting to the Learning Intentions. This again links back to building a feedback culture.

Strategy two - Shared keynotes through classwork: I was nervous that classwork somewhat slowed the marking process and I was not willing to sit at my desk becoming frustrated with it's clunkiness.

I was inspired at the thought of having a collaborative space for peer to peer feedback I set up a shared student keynote through classwork. Here students were able to use a learning intention checklist to reflect and provide each other with feedback.

Here is an example of completed work - here I was able to clearly see the learning intentions and explanations.


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Posted on May 26, 2023

Thanks for sharing!

Have you considered using solutions such as Showbie? It's designed to help close that feedback loop, giving lots of tools for assessment.

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