Clips & 1st Grade Fact Families

 This summer I earned my Apple Learning Coach certificate and feel truly inspired. I work as a math specialist and often provide intervention to students.

One of my first grade students is working on fact families. What are they? How do they work? What does it look like with cubes? What does it look like as an equation? He has participated in multiple small group and whole group lessons exploring these concepts with objects, pictures, words, and numbers. He and I also work on this concept one on one, but there is visibly a need for more confidence when he tries.

So the other day, instead of making our time in intervention about exploring or discussing fact families, I made it about creation. Let's create our own video in Clips about Fact Families. We can use it to teach other kids about how they work. We can take photos, record audio, add stamps, use posters, edit clips, and produce a video that shows what you know.

Attached is what we did in 30 minutes together. Even though he thinks we are done making the video, I have plans for him to return to the project and add on to it as his understanding of the concept continues to develop. The smile on his face while making the video was everything. The content he produced was intentional. Planning out how to create it was definitely on me (what steps to take). Next time I can totally have a graphic organizer ready to plan a video for a math concept (unless someone already has one???)

Check out what he my first grade buddy and I did.

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Posted on October 08, 2023

Sweet video - and super that the little learner has creativity at the center of math learning! Thanks for sharing.

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