Calendar Remix

Need a new way to engage your students in learning about the calendar and the seasons? Let me share with you how my classroom remixed how we learn about the calendar.

My classroom is a resource room with students ranging from 4th to 6th grade of various abilities. We are currently working on using the iPad as a tool for learning. One of our daily activities is reviewing the calendar and predicting the weather. To meet in the middle, we have combined our daily calendar activity with using the iPad as a learning tool with the help of the school district’s Apple coaching cycle!


Example of my completed template after we began the project in October.

The attached template includes a slide for each month. Each month slide will include the name of the month, the number of the month in the calendar, a background color to show the mood the students feel that month expresses, and corresponding clipart. After the slide for the month, the students will make a slide with an image they took for that month. As seen in the example above, the month of October included an image of a pumpkin diagram while November shows the leaves dying outside the school. After every three months the slideshow includes a season slide. For each season the students will answer a question using emojis. For example, “What would you wear during this season?”

This activity allows the students to make connections to the weather and how they learn calendar. My students were able to express themselves as they made decisions on how to represent the month in their slideshow. You can build on this activity in so many ways such as going more in depth with the weather of the seasons or how many days each month has!

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Posted on November 14, 2023

This is an amazing lesson! It touches on the Elements of Learning - Personalization, Critical Think and Real World Engagement. Students owned the learning and when asked about their choices, they could clearly articulate the stories about seasonal colors, shapes, clothing, and the images they chose. Well done!

Posted on November 15, 2023

I love where you took this lesson. It is created in such a way that it can be used as presented or, as you note expanded into so many other ways. The student creativity that this lesson deploys is wonderful. Nicely done and here's hoping it gets used in many classrooms. Congrats! #BridgeportBulldogs #GoDogs

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