Activate Lesson: Living and Nonliving Things

Third grade students created a Freeform using shapes and drawing tools to show living and nonliving things in an environment of their choice. Students created their environment during the activate lesson on the first day of the new unit where they would be learning about ecosystems and food chains. Students used background knowledge from prior grade levels, as well as a nature walk the day prior to find living and nonliving things.

After students created their scene, students traded scenes with partners through a screenshot and airdrop, and the partner created a key to find living v. nonliving things. (Ex: circle blue for nonliving, red for living.) Then, partners checked with the creator to see if they found all of the objects correctly.

As a result of this activity, students were able to build their understanding of living and nonliving things, as well as how to use Freeform as a tool for brainstorming and creation. Furthermore, this activity sparked interest in other areas, and Freeform has become a useful tool in other subjects as well, such as Sketch noting during a read aloud book.


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