Unleashing the Power of Accessibility: Training session 2

Our bi-weekly meeting with Lacey-Mae is always a thrilling journey of progress and discovery. During our recent session, we assigned her some challenging homework tasks, aimed at developing her skills in setting alarms and toggling devices on and off. The dedication she put into these exercises was commendable; it was clear that she had been practicing her newfound techniques. You could clearly notice the deliberate pauses in her voice as she interacted with Siri, a stark contrast to her earlier rushed commands. Lacey-Mae was eager to showcase her accomplishments, swiftly demonstrating how she could use Siri to set alarms, launch apps, and create reminders. With the homework check completed, we decided to introduce a fresh challenge that would further enhance her tap and flick control skills.

Ballyland Magic Plus: A New Adventure

Our journey led us to explore a remarkable app called Ballyland, specifically designed to empower visually impaired students in mastering iPad control through gestures. This app is a comprehensive guide that not only equips students with the art of using Voiceover and screen readers but also offers four engaging multi-level scenes for them to conquer using these gestures. It's a fantastic platform for grasping accessibility concepts and fundamental finger gestures for Voiceover.

Lacey-Mae swiftly embraced this new challenge, demonstrating a natural aptitude for the initial levels. What made the experience even more rewarding was the sheer joy she derived from learning these new skills. As a part of her daily routine, she'll now practice these newfound abilities each morning before school commences, and we cannot wait to witness her progress when we arrange our next meeting.


Lacey-Mae learning how to use the accessibility functions on her iPad

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Posted on January 18, 2024

That is a great story to share. And I will be passing along the app to fellow teachers. I would never have found something like this if you did not share it. So thank you.

Posted on January 18, 2024

Thank you Brian, I’m glad it helps 👍

Posted on January 20, 2024

Amazing, Damian! 🤩 What a wonderful story of the power of accessibility tools to empower a student, and facilitate their learning! 🙌

Posted on January 21, 2024

Thank you Eoin. Laura and I are really enjoying working with Lacey-Mae, she’s an amazingly positive student.

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