Unleashing the Power of Accessibility: Training session 3

After a short break due to the Christmas holidays and various events, we recently reconvened with Lacey-Mae to assess her progress. To our delight, her skills have significantly evolved, thanks in part to the new iPhone she received as a Christmas present. This addition has notably enhanced her proficiency with Siri and Voiceover.

During today's session, we assigned Lacey-Mae the task of activating Voiceover, opening the Notes app, and narrating her Christmas break activities. Impressively, she completed the task effortlessly, even punctuating her narration for better clarity. Her new confidence in the use of the iPad prompted us to explore how she could access Google Classroom for her lessons.

Initially encountering a hurdle with Voiceover not reading the main page, we quickly discovered a workaround—opening the navigation menu allowed Voiceover to read the classes listed on the left. Lacey-Mae swiftly mastered this technique and eagerly demonstrated it to her support staff, showcasing her progress.

Siri has become second nature to Lacey-Mae, who eagerly demonstrated how she uses it to initiate FaceTime calls with her dad and friends. Looking ahead, Lacey-Mae expressed a desire to learn how to take selfies and share them with her friends, making it the focal point of her upcoming training session.

It's incredibly gratifying to witness Lacey-Mae's growing confidence and ability in using her iPad, seamlessly integrating these skills into both her academic lessons and daily life. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology in enhancing accessibility and independence.


Image of Lacey-Mae using dictate on the notes App
Image of Lacey-Mae using dictate on the notes App

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