Introducing staff and students to ‘Prompts’ in AI

Exploring the realms of artificial intelligence has been a captivating journey for many of us in the past year. From experimenting with new apps that convert text into videos to crafting images and logos, the possibilities seem boundless. Amidst this creative exploration, one crucial aspect that has consistently stood out is the art of using prompts effectively.

In my lessons with students, delving into the world of prompts has been a fascinating endeavour. We've experimented with various applications, and one standout tool that has captured our attention is the Image Creator App from Microsoft Bing. This engaging app has proven to be not only enjoyable but also a valuable learning tool for both students and staff alike.

A favourite exercise of mine involves initiating students into the world of prompts using the Image Creator App. Collaborating with a partner, students describe their partner in as much detail as possible, starting from the physical attributes and extending to their hobbies, interests, and the ideal backdrop for their character. This approach also works equally well for portraying a friend's interests or a captivating pastime.

To add a creative twist, I challenge Image Creator to craft the image "in the style of" various themes such as Lego, Funko Pop, The Simpsons, Marvel Superhero, and even Playdough. The results have been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the diverse possibilities in prompt-based creativity. Some examples from my demonstrations are highlighted below.


Prompt: Create a Simpson style surfer, with long wavy blonde hair, with sideboards, wearing board shorts, standing in sand, holding a surf board, with waves behind, with Stu written on the surf board


Other images created using Bing Image Creator

Once the excitement with Image Creator settles, we transition into exploring ChatGPT. Armed with a solid understanding of prompts and the subtle adjustments that can shape outcomes, students are well-prepared to delve into the dynamic world of conversational artificial intelligence. It's a journey that combines fun, creativity, and a deeper comprehension of the power of prompts in shaping AI interactions.

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Posted on January 22, 2024

Damian - what a great way to engage your learners with AI! Prompt-crafting can require deep, higher-level thinking to arrive at a product that fits a user's vision, whether it's art, writing, or something else entirely, and it's such a real-world application of learning. Thanks for sharing!

Posted on January 22, 2024

Thank you Brisa. Like most of us here, we are all developing new workflows in the use of AI with our students. This has been the most effective so far for us as an introduction. They really enjoy this fun activity before returning back to the more serious work

Posted on February 27, 2024

Very nice activity. This looks like your students had a lot of fun. Do you enter the prompt into the Image Creator App or do students have full access?

How old are your students?

Please continue to share more AI activities.

Posted on March 08, 2024

HI Pam. Our students are aged 12-18 and simply enter their text into the App.

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