Read and Write the Room with AR

A "Read the Room" and "Write the Room" literacy activity is a highly engaging and interactive method to support early learners in developing academic skills. It can benefit them with a Multi-Sensory learning experience combining visual (reading), auditory (listening to instructions), and kinesthetic (moving around and writing) elements. Vocabulary Development as students are exposed to new vocabulary words as they read prompts or labels placed around the room and associating words with real-world objects or pictures. Language Acquisition with reading and writing tasks, students practice language skills such as letter recognition, phonics, spelling, and sentence structure. Differentiation as teachers can tailor the activity to meet the diverse needs of their students by adjusting the complexity of prompts or providing additional support as needed.

For years this activity has always been a favorite for my ELL Early Learners, so why not try it in an augmented reality format to boost the engagement and excitement?! To support our Feelings vocabulary unit students use their iPads and the AR Makr app to find animal Memoji heads around the room labeled with feelings words. To practice reading and speaking skills students were asked to create a video recording in AR Makr describing how each animal feels using a complete sentence. To practice reading skills and create a blended learning task students are asked to write a complete sentence about how each animal is feeling with pencil and paper. I have attached an example to demonstrate the learning tasks.


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