Challenge: Advocate for civic participation using lessons from the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

As we create content and lessons for Woman’s History Month (and beyond) using the Challenge Based Learning framework to Engage, Investigate and Act around the Big Idea of Suffrage helps students make connections between past struggles and current social justice movements. Students can use the scaffolding of the framework to achieve history standards while they actively participate in the process of learning. Many issues that suffragists fought for remain relevant today, so a CBL lesson can inspire students to become informed, active, and empathetic civic participants.


Sewing the Starts on the Suffrage Flag

Student are active participants in Challenge Based Learning. They will brainstorm ideas and drive the activities. The following idea is just a start of the CBL process to consider on this topic. Be sure to visit the Learning Center and Challenge Based Learning in the Forum to develop your own activities.


Big Idea: Suffrage 

Essential Question: How can we build upon the legacy of the Women's Suffrage Movement to advocate for inclusive and equitable civic participation.

Challenge: Advocate for civic participation and inclusion in our school community using lessons from the Women’s Suffrage Movement.


Guiding questions:

  • What were some of the key challenges and obstacles faced by Suffragists in their fight for women's right to vote, how did they navigate and overcome them?
  • What are some creative ways we can share the history of the Women's Suffrage Movement with our peers to raise awareness and spark conversations about gender equality?
  • What steps can we take as high school students to continue the legacy of the suffrage movement and advance the cause of women's rights in our school and community.

Guiding Activities and Resources:

  • Interview and record leadership students in the school to amplify their stories of participation
  • Survey students on civic opportunities or challenges within the school environment
  • Meet with student and staff school leadership to plan how Women’s Heritage Month information can be integrated into school activities

30 Creative Activities for Challenge Based Learning

Content Resources:

After synthesizing, learners will ACT on their proposed solution to their Challenge. See the CBL framework.

Download the attached Challenge Organizer to implement a Challenge with your community of learners.


All Comments

Posted on March 06, 2024

Thank you for sharing! An issue that is still relevant today.

Posted on March 26, 2024

I was about to ask if it was possible to use CBL for history or Social Studies type topic. I was thinking something about the American Revolution. It looks like it can work. Thanks for sharing!


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