Life captured in 7 seconds

An iPhone is a camera, a computer, a communicator. My one best thing is about leveraging the mobility of an iPhone to capture life in short-form video. Your phone has become your camera and everywhere you go, you have a way to capture photos and videos to document all those moments. Your phone is a computer, it can take all the media and arrange, trim, split, the footage to create a multimedia composition. Your phone is a communicator, with just a few taps, you are able to share your creation with a friend or the world! The beauty of creating on iPhone is its simplicity. One device to create a 7 second video. Don’t overthink it. Just create.

If you are stuck, social media has endless amounts of inspiration. Trends provide an easy way to get started. Below is an example of trend that showcased “what’s in your bag” in a video flatlay. With one simple shot, cued to a trending audio sound, post-filming editing of text boxes, created a short-form video that was seen by almost 500 people.

Although I captured my own life, I can’t help but think how this idea could be translated into the classroom. Could you capture 7 seconds from the perspective of a character from a novel or a historical figure? If you provide the 7 second video clips to students, could you have students add text to create context or use vocabulary? Could you have students select the music and discuss how music and sound can help establish setting, mood, or theme?

What will you capture about your life in just seven seconds? There might already be a video clip on your iPhone where if you added some text and some music, it could give your audience a glimpse into your life. Please share your creation and share the link to your video as a reply or tag me @jasontries on instagram or X!


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2 replies

March 21, 2024

Fun & creative! Students will love this. Thanks for the classroom ideas!

March 21, 2024

Great idea to spark an idea for classroom use! Also using the tools students may already have access to.

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