Name Geometry

While working with a 4th grade teacher in a PLC recently (shoutout Justine!), she mentioned her students were working on identifying lines and angles. She wanted to find a way to incorporate Keynote to assess her students' understanding in this topic. She had an activity in mind where students were tasked with finding angles and lines within their name written on paper. We decided that Keynote would be a dynamic way for her students to complete this same task! Below is an example of a final product.

Steps to Create:

  1. Students create a new presentation in Keynote
  2. Have students add a text box and type their name. They can change the size and font to their liking. The bolder the font the better!
  3. Students will click the media icon and select "drawing".
  4. Students will use one of the drawing tools to identify various angles and lines within their name (for example: acute, obtuse, right, parallel, perpendicular, and lines of symmetry). Have your students color code their findings.
  5. Students will want to separate each angle/line identification to help with animation. To separate each part, students will double tap on their drawing > Edit Drawing > Selection tool > drag around the part of the drawing you want to separate > tap separate.
  6. Have your students add text boxes for each type of identification. They can match the color of the text to the color of their drawings.
  7. It's time to animate! Select part of the drawing > tap the three dots > animate. Tap Build In > Line Draw. This will show the drawing in real time! Students will add line draw animation for each angle identification. They can also add Build In animations for each text box.
  8. Students will change the Build Order of each animation to ensure each type of angle/line (as well as the text) is grouped together. Students will reorder and group their animations as desired.
  9. Students can export their presentation as an Animated GIF or Movie.

Keynote animation is such a great tool for visualizing math concepts! I love how the built-in shapes, drawing tools, and animation truly bring math to life!

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Posted on March 26, 2024

Very fun and engaging Kelsey! Love that students are learning by connecting to something that is personal to them. Thanks for the demonstration!

Posted on March 26, 2024

What a fun idea! You could also have them add audio to explain a brief definition of each vocabulary word.

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