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APL Live Session Summary: Increase productivity with Mac (MacOS Sonoma)

For many of us who use Mac as our primary teaching device, it is helpful to be reminded of how powerful Mac is and how much it has to offer us in the classroom - often leading to saving time and being more productive. 

In the latest APL Live: Increase productivity with Mac session, we looked at ways of getting organised with Finder, staying on task with Calendar, Reminders and Focus, and explored how to make the most of Notes in the classroom. 

The session started by looking at ways Finder helps us stay organised and how to best navigate within our desktop. We looked at how to use Stacks to keep a messy desktop organised and how to add and remove Widgets to create a personal experience tailored to our individual needs.

🗂️ Organise your files in the Finder on Mac

💻 Add and customise widgets on Mac

📚 Use desktop stacks on Mac

After exploring some unique features in desktop, we then looked at tools that help us stay on task like Calendar and Reminders, as well as customising a Focus that works best for us in class, during a staff meeting, or the after-school work we do at home. This helps us stay right on task and eliminate any unnecessary distractions when needed. 

📆 Calendar User Guide

Reminders User Guide

🎧 Set up a Focus on Mac

We finished the session by looking at ways we can use Notes to capture quick thoughts, create checklists, and add a screenshot or screen recording to a note. Notes is a great tool for documenting student observations, scanning a homework assignment, or drafting a permission note for parents ahead of an excursion. 

📒 Notes User Guide

🎥 Take screenshots or screen recordings on Mac

Take your learning further.

If you’d like to learn more or see some of the skills above in action, make sure you check Apple Professional Learning Specialist, Michelle Forrest’s Teaching with Mac Series. She has done an amazing job creating short, yet super helpful tutorials for all of us. Thanks Michelle! 👋🏽

Explore Getting Started with the Basics

Explore Productivity Tips for the Classroom

Explore Mac in the Classroom

Want to learn more? Have an Apple Professional Learning Specialist come to your school and work closely with your team. 

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