Using Numbers to Review the Qualities Narrative Writing

Our students prepared to collaboratively story write on Storium. We had not seen narrative writing for almost 6 months. Review was in order.

On Numbers, we created different sheets. Each sheet represented one quality for narrative writing. This Numbers document was shared with the class. Students were paired and assigned a sheet to become an expert on. Our students worked to enhance this section of the Numbers document and make it presentable for the class. Students were given freedom to make decisions that resonated with their audience (bananas and chilli peppers are “in” right now with our students, which is something I learned about our kids).

Below is a photo of the plot outline section and what our students decided to do with this to present to the class. 


Plot Outline/Story Arc/Story Mountain

Below is another example from one of our students that used iPad and Apple Pencil on Numbers to show plot outline. She was trying to appeal to a younger audience, which is another skill that we assess at our school:


 Students collaborated on this Numbers documents. That way, students could see changes being made live. 

The end result was a compendium of “notes” that was on Numbers. Students could use the entire document to review, and focus their review on different sheets on where they felt their knowledge might benefit from a refresh. 


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Posted on May 27, 2024

Thanks for sharing a very creative use of Numbers as an organizational tool! Appreciate also the student examples you embedded.

Posted on June 05, 2024

You are welcome. Hope it was helpful.

Numbers is unique because it can act as a shared digital whiteboard, and a spreadsheet all in one. Lots of adaptability with it.

Posted on June 06, 2024

Great activity and the examples are super helpful.

Thanks for sharing!

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