Evidence of Learning

As a secondary school English and History/Humanities teacher, I am always thinking about the different ways I can gather evidence of learning from my students. For my English students and for my VCE History students, particularly when it comes to summative assessment, this evidence of learning can often come in quite traditional formats, such as the typical 'TEAL' essay. This is a tried and tested method that students are able to demonstrate to me their understanding of the themes of a novel, or the causes of the February Revolution. This type of assessment certainly has its place, and when it comes to VCE History, this is both a mandated form of assessment for one of their SACs and also a task that students will need to complete in the final examination.

However, there are other ways that I am able to gather evidence of my students' learning at the end of a unit. When it comes to my younger students and formative assessment, I like to get a little bit more creative and see how technology can be utilised by students to allow them to demonstrate their understanding of a topic.

What might these two images have in common? Come along to my presentation next week to find out.


Shoe box


Pokemon Go scene
Next week I will be heading to the Apple Education Community Summit in Sydney, where I am very excited to be presenting on the use of augmented reality to create digital dioramas. Following my presentation, I will share some resources on the forum to demosntrate how the iPad apps Keynote and AR Makr can be used by students to create digital dioramas.

If you are going to be at the Summit next week, I look forward to meeting up with you in person. Otherwise, I would love to hear how you are gathering evidence of your students learning in creative and innovative ways.


Summit slide

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Copilot for assistance with image creation and Claude for proofreading.

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July 04, 2024

Looking forward to your post from the Apple Education Summit in Sydney Tori! Can’t wait to find out how those two pictures connect!

July 04, 2024

Thanks! All packed and ready to fly up tomorrow. Very excited.

July 08, 2024

Looking forward to this!

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