Enhancing Creative Thinking

When given a task, students first want to know how they can highly achieve at this task. Often in the past a rubric is shared prior to beginning and the task is clear and well laid out.

But what about when it’s not all super clear and there are elements of choice? When the options are open, to present as you wish? Or choose your own topic? (if it is tech skill being learned).

Recently we have been teaching our students movie making skills across the school and Year 6 were chosen to create documentaries. They needed to learn what a documentary was, what it contained and how they are put together. Students were able to choose their own topic (with the idea that this would be something relevant and interesting to them). The students learned iMovie skills and completed a project either on their own or with a partner.

Students picked a variety of topics, some of which worked really well - and others that didn’t…

I found that the students needed more explicit instruction on what to do and how to complete specific things within iMovie.

The students are focused on completion of the task, rather than pushing the boundaries of their creativity. I do recognise that time is a factor, both within school and outside of school - where these kids have so many sporting, musical and academic commitments.

How do we enhance creativity within a tight timetable and value this as highly as strong academic subjects where the students and their parents are as committed to this learning?

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