Preparing Students for the Future Through Collaborative Learning and Real-Time Teaching with Keynote and Classwork

Preparing students for the future requires innovative approaches that foster collaboration, interaction, and continuous learning. We have been working on this by utilising the Keynote app to create real-time teaching and learning loops on Classwork. This method is allowing students to collaborate and interact with other learners and teachers, reinforcing key concepts taught in class.

We have been using our schools team teaching model to our advantage. By incorporating collaborative strategies using Keynote to teach in real time, multiple educators are working together to deliver lessons, provide support, and facilitate student learning. By using Keynote in conjunction with Classwork, students can revise key lesson concepts from the unit and access learning materials from home, ensuring continuity in their education. This also actively involves parents in the key learning taking place in the classroom, keeping them informed and engaged.

Since utilising Keynote and Classwork as our basis for documenting learning, students are becoming independent learners who actively seek out further knowledge of key concepts taught in class. They are sharing their understanding with their teachers and peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. This approach not only prepares students for the future by developing essential skills such as collaboration, communication, and self-directed learning but also creates a supportive community involving teachers, students, and parents working together towards a common goal - developing the leaders of tomorrow.

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