In the last four years I have taught in 3 different schools and next year will be 4. Transitions have not been easy. My posting/sharing on social media, which I did frequently, had become rare. Overwhelmed, exhausted, or lack of technology in my classroom to post about. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I will be starting a new position next year as art teacher/technology lead, in the hopes of bringing creativity and content making to an urban, under served area of the School District of Philadelphia. A K-8 school, getting a brand new facility and a principal committed to giving these students every possible opportunity AND sharing the journey. My task is to lead this transition.

It is time for a reset and what better time than mid summer. Follow along on X(Twitter) as I share daily doodles and wanderings through apps as I brainstorm ideas for tech integration across curriculum. I am hoping that perhaps something will spark an idea for you and your classroom.

@cre8rt #Julyexploration

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