Leveraging Videos on Social Media to Share Math Tasks and More

At our Canadian ADE 2024 I attended a super storytelling session lead by fellow ADE @MsVictoriaOlson. Social Media Videos are a great way to hook your intended audience to your stories and ideas. An interesting fact shared was that the engagement between something watching a 59 sec compared to a 60 sec video is almost like day and night. Also a vertical camera shot that is usually frowned upon works great on social media. In our storytelling warm up session we were reminded about moving a story along and information has to be critical to the story. This is magnified in social media video creation. I decided to use this platform to create a resources that shares math tasks that could be used in a Building Thinking Classroom environment (if curious about this approach please connect with me). So we explored Clips, Instagram, and Tik Tok as ways to create these videos. I wanted to present a math task as a story and I was able to take math tasks and create stories. Worked great but took longer than the 90 seconds that insta gave in reels. So I pivoted to a quick recap of a math task. The time constraint made me efficient in my words. I plan to revisit and refine (add text and more) but the beginning of a long journey begins with one step so I’m publishing and sharing my first attempt in learning 😉 I’m excited to continue this journey and the storytelling session was the ‘push’ I needed to start a new and exciting journey. Check it out here https://www.instagram.com/reel/C9QN1Djv7hW/?igsh=MWVtNWp3cTVnOTB4Yw==

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