Thinking about Digital Citizenship

I work primarily with preservice teachers. Even though many of these students, in their early 20s, have grown up with access to technology, they have varying levels of knowledge regarding digital citizenship. Therefore, it’s important that they reflect on their own digital habits as well as how to support their future students in developing healthy, well-balanced digital lives. In my Integrating Technology & Teaching course, we start the semester with conversations about digital citizenship to provide a foundational “why” for all of our other learning in the course. I also challenge these preservice teachers to create digital citizenship public service announcements to demonstrate what they’re learning about this topic and how they see it applying to their work with their future students. Here’s any example of a Digital Citizenship PSA that was created by one of my students. I’m sharing it with her permission. 

I’m wondering how others ground their teaching work in conversations about digital citizenship. How are you supporting students in cultivating positive digital identities? How do they demonstrate their digital citizenship knowledge and skills? I’d also love to hear from fellow teacher educators and coaches. How are you engaging in conversations about digital citizenship with educators? Please share your ideas in your replies below. Let’s curate some great resources and ideas around this topic! 

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September 11, 2022

The teacher does such a good job of explaining her points with fun visuals. I like her message! Agree, this is such a wonderful way to reflect on one’s own digital citizenship and media literacy as students. These are lessons that deserve to be woven throughout all curricular areas and revisited frequently.

I’ve used Clips to do a short series of intros to news media literacy topics for teachers. I find those quick to produce to introduce the objectives we are going to cover. Also if teachers are providing this information online to students through an LMS, a short fun Clips video will be engaging to watch.

September 15, 2022

Thanks for sharing your ideas and feedback, Cheryl! I do love Clips for an activity like this. So quick and easy! It's probably the app that most of my students choose to use to create their videos in this course. They love all the creative options with the posters and stickers.

Totally agree with you that digital citizenship and media literacy fits in all of our content areas and grade levels. The example I shared was created by that preservice teacher with early middle school grades in mind. It's really interesting to see how preservice teachers adjust their messaging in their videos, based on the age/content area they'll be teaching in the future.

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