Can a managed iPad share an iCloud folder?

I have a classroom of iPads that are managed by an outside company through the school management system (I don't know the actual name). All of the iPads share the same iCloud account through the management system. I want to have a shared iCloud folder that is shared with my personal iCloud account so students can save files to it and I can quickly access on my Mac.

When I tried to set one up I got a message saying the ID does not have permission to create a shared folder and share files.

I asked the tech company to enable sharing on the iCloud account and they can't figure out how to do this and are telling me it isn't possible, which I have a hard time believing.

Is what I am trying to do possible? Can a managed iCloud ID have sharing enabled? If so what do I need to tell them to do?


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September 24, 2022

Take a look at 'Manage Document Sharing' on this document:

You basically want them to allow for Managed Apple IDs to join collaborative documents and folders from outside of the institution.

October 11, 2022

Do you have a Managed Apple ID that is owned by your institution? I would pivot to using that instead of sharing with a personal (outside the institution) Apple ID. I would hesitate to tell you to turn on sharing outside of the institution without making sure that this is best for your school/students.

September 28, 2022


I would recommend reaching out to your school's dedicated Apple Systems Engineer - they would be able to dive deeper into your deployment and provide some best practices as to sharing content among managed devices. You can find out who your Apple SE is by calling 1-800-800-2775 and choose option 4 to get connected with your school's Apple sales team.


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