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I work closely with our IT department to audit our procedures and practices to see where we can improve teaching and learning for both students and staff. Since our initial 1:1 rollout in 2020, we have kept the sharing preferences for our Federated Apple IDs (which are used by both students and staff) to only allow sharing within our organization. While this has its limitations, it really hasn't been an issue or an area of concern. However, recently I have noticed that there is the option to allow our Apple IDs to share with anyone, which would alleviate several headaches that we run into (students sharing portfolio work, or submitting artifacts for exhibitions and Media Expo).

While I looked at this initially as the correct choice to protect student data and privacy, I've also had the realization that students can already share anything they create in our Office suite with anyone; they are not limited to our organization only.

I would love some feedback from the community on where they stand on this setting, and hear some information, either for or against, so we can make the best decision for teaching and learning for our district.

If it helps, we are a 2:1 district with 9th gen iPads and MacBook Airs (teachers). We use Jamf School as our MDM for all iPads, and Jamf Pro for all of our Macs.

Posted on February 17, 2024 in response to NickGeno

Hi Nick! This is a great question. I wish they would allow these permissions by role or level but last time I checked it’s a global setting. We also have it closed because that’s our policy in our elementary Google environment. I would love to open it up for at least staff. I think you all use Schoology? We use the portfolios in Schoology and you can generate a private link that’s available outside your org. Maybe that’s one way around? I will also say that having that setting as open outside the org seems to make sharing work better inside the org too. We have tinkered with the permissions and we did have less errors and quirks with iCloud when it was open.

Posted on February 26, 2024 in response to NickGeno

We have allowed external collaboration with managed Apple IDs because there are often times when staff might need to share on a document with someone in another school, or with a personal account, or even to participate in a training event (like with Apple). We haven’t run into many issues and it makes the MAIDs more useful to us.

Question: Sharing permissions for Federated Apple IDs

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