Animated Visual Vocabulary

Animated visual vocabulary is my go to way of sharing Keynote with teachers and students. This is a great way for students to synthesize their understanding of a vocabulary word. This activity can be done in any content area and any grade level.

Students will use shapes, drawings, text, audio recording, and animations to share the meaning of a vocabulary word. Once students have done this task with vocabulary words they can apply the same skills to other concepts in class like similes, metaphors, etc.

Assign students a word or have them choose a word. Students directions and an example are attached below. I love this activity because it is little to no prep on the teachers end and focuses the work on the student end.



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Posted on December 15, 2022

Thanks for sharing this workflow and visual vocabulary example! As you mentioned, this is a great way to help students build domain-specific vocabulary in any content area while also expressing themselves creatively. Definitely a win!

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