Phases of the Moon GIF

Use keynote moon template to share with the students. Students will use drawing to create a shadow on the moon on each slide covering more and more as the slides progress. Then export it as a GIF. The students will be able to show their knowledge of the order of the phases of the moon.

Phases of the Moon GIF example

  1. Share the Moon Phases Keynote Template with the students. 
  2. Slide 1 - New Moon - stays, as is
  3. Slide 2 
  4. Tap “+”
  5. Tap the Media tab
  6. Tap Drawing
  7. Choose the paint bottle
  8. Choose the color black for the paint
  9. Tap the Paint again and slide the transparency to 70%
  10. Students will draw in a small sliver on the left side of the moon to make a shadow. 
  11. Slide 3 - draw in a bit more shadow (and continue on each slide until Full Moon on Slide 7. 
  12. To Export as a GIF:
  13. Tap the circle with 3 dots in it in the upper right corner
  14. Tap “Export”
  15. Tap “Animated GIF”
  16. Keep size on “Medium”
  17. Tap “Slide Range” and change to “Slides 1-7” and go back to “GIF Options”
  18. Make sure “transparent background” is toggled off 
  19. Tap “Export”
  20. Tap “Share”
  21. Tap “Save Image”
  22. Find the GIF in the Photos app. 





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