Create a Reader's Theater Center with Pages

One way that my students really got excited to read, re-read and read some more was with a reader's theater center. Students collaborated as they listened to each other and played their character's role. Students came to life as they read with expression and intonation! I knew that this much needed practice was also helping them with their fluency and brought a renewed joy to reading.

Students used Presenter Mode in Pages to read scripts or write their own plays. Students looked forward to seeing their classmates perform their original plays.


  • Scaffold vocabulary with emoji's 🐷 🌲 🐺 for emerging writers.
  • Have iPad read 🎧 to students with Spoken Content. This is a great way to have students follow along first. Be sure the use the highlight feature to mirror tracking print from left to right.
  • Adjust the speed of the teleprompter.
  • Color code 🌈 the characters to help students follow along.
  • Take it further with green screen and video. 🎬

Try presenter mode now with this public domain Pages "Three Little Pigs" template I rewrote.


Photo of an adapted version of theThree Little Pigs play with the presenter mode option highlighted.
The Pages template is attached below.

Learn how here:



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Posted on August 30, 2022

I love presenter mode. I recently came across this and it was super useful for when I was recording a video.

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