Managed Apple ID’s, Bluetooth, and Update Issues….OH MY!


Today I’m at Apple Academy with a myriad of ideas and learning challenges at my fingertips. What can I learn this week to engage and captivate my audience with apple’s amazing approaches. After a conversation in one of our sessions, I realized that even if learned many of these things, I wouldn’t be able to use them back in the classrooms of my district because of several technical issues we’re experiencing.

Is anyone else having challenges with Managed Apple ID’s, student’s turning off Bluetooth, not updating their devices, or several others device related concerns. I’m realizing these issues are keeping teachers and students from connecting with and using the amazing tools Apple provides. I would love to learn how to help the schools in my district overcome these challenges and experience the beauty of collaboration and creativity on their Apple products. Can you help me be the catalyst for change within my district? Any and all input is appreciated.  

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Posted on January 24, 2023 in response to KitKat

I believe Patsy mentioned that there is a fix, in 16.2, for always having to re authenticate when using a MAID. Currently using our MDM, Mosyle, we have a setting turned on that students can not modify their appleID credentials. Not a fan of it for a few reasons but students can come to me and I can allow it again. Bluetooth we can lock to keep them on but it is hard b/c then you may not be able to pair things.

Posted on January 26, 2023 in response to Plahnb

Planning, I would love to hear why you’re not a fan of students not modifying their appleID. I truly want to understand both sides of the coin!🤪 If you didn’t lock students into their ID’s how would your team work to make sure students were logged in so they can collaborate, be in Apple Classroom and Schoolworks. I really appreciate your input!

Question: Managed Apple ID’s, Bluetooth, and Update Issues….OH MY!

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