The changes in the ripple effect from being a teacher to being a leader?


The transition from classroom teacher to a leadership role is a huge switch in how I function as an educator.  One of my goals in my new role is how I can effect change in a leadership role.  The ripple effect is different when the pond is the four walls of a classroom, versus when the pond becomes the lake of a district.  

What are areas you all have focused on or worked on that have made big ripples that create lasting change in your district?

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Posted on January 29, 2023 in response to aaron_teach

One of the most impactful changes I’ve made as a leader is connected to intervention supports. I created a system of intervention for K-8 mathematics with resources to fill a need that existed in my district (and beyond). Then I was (and still am) able to provide professional learning and coaching supports for educators.

My relationships with my educators serve as the foundation of their trust in me. I spend time in their classrooms, listen to them, check on them, respond to them, and make that human connection with them.

I recommend that you seek opportunities to fill a need. Be patient, because the benefit of your solution will depend on the authenticity of the need.

Question: The changes in the ripple effect from being a teacher to being a leader?

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