I teach in a middle and high school that is 1:1 with iPads. As a district we do not enforce any specific app or method for digital note-taking. I see students use a variety of apps (sometimes, creatively as they were not designed to take notes long term.)

I was curious to hear what apps or methods other schools are using, and find successful.

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Posted on January 27, 2023 in response to jmirsky

There are so many options for this, and I really encourage students to play with a variety of apps to find the space that feels most comfortable to them for documenting their learning. Notes is a great place to start. Many of my students also love Notability and Good Notes. Others prefer Pages. Notes, Notability, and Good Notes all have options for creating named folders or "subjects" to help students stay organized. I'll be interested to see what others share in this thread as well!

Posted on January 27, 2023 in response to jmirsky

Some teachers in our district encourage students to use Numbers and some even create interactive note templates for units in Numbers with videos, links, placeholders for student creations, etc. Since deleting the table provides a virtually infinite whiteboard, it’s a pretty good one for note taking. Plus, being able to add multiple sheets in one file helps for organizing topics or units too!

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