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As a 1-1 district, our teachers have a Macbook and an iPad Pro, along with an Apple Pencil, to use instructionally in their classrooms. Any success stories on how to engage teachers that do not want a coaching cycle and are resistant to technology in general? #AppleProfessionalLearning

Posted on February 07, 2023 in response to PDICoz

I'll be looking forward to seeing what others have to say about this topic. It's a real one and our teachers are weary and reluctant to try "one more thing". (Even when we know it can make a difference in their professional lives.)

Posted on February 07, 2023 in response to PDICoz

Good question. Teacher engagement is as important as student engagement. What can provide that spark to involve them?

During the height of the pandemic we used individual “office hours”, so teachers did not have to travel or use after school hours to attend a workshop that was a one and done event. They could meet us online on their time to get tech ideas and help. Working with them on something that was specific to their curriculum was also helpful. And having colleagues collaborate together on a tech infused lesson has also been rewarding.

Recognizing educators learning efforts, I find is also important - showcasing what they have accomplished to the faculty often is an inroad for their colleagues to try what they have accomplished.

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