Forum Guidelines (Part 2)

5. Be respectful.

a. Be respectful of others and do not share Content likely to cause harm to others. 

b. Don’t share personal or sensitive information about others.  

c. Don’t share petitions or links to unrelated topics — for example, political causes or fundraisers. 

d. Don’t post Submissions that encourage harmful, hazardous, or illegal activities. For example, Submissions that promote, incite, instruct in or depict abhorrent violent content are prohibited, as are pro-terror materials, crime and violence related materials and drug-related materials.

e. Don’t post spam messages.

f. Don’t use the Forum to advertise, sell, or market products, services, or jobs to others. For example:

  1. Don’t post a Submission solely to advertise a book, service, software, or other item or product for sale.
  2. Don’t post any reference, including a link, to a commercial product or service that’s not directly related to the educational topics shared in the Forum.
  3. Don’t post a link to a personal or professional website or a link that results in any accrual of compensation or benefit to you.

6. Be mindful of laws.

  1. Don’t post Submissions or Content, or do anything on the Forum which is unlawful in the jurisdiction in which you access the Forum.
  2. Don’t post Submissions or Content or engage in activities that are unlawful, tortious, libelous, defamatory, indecent, harmful, harassing, stalking, intimidating, threatening, harmful, hateful, age inappropriate, objectionable, discriminatory, politically divisive or inflammatory, abusive, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or otherwise sexually inappropriate, abusive or exploitative, invasive of another’s privacy, or offensive in a sexual, racial, cultural, or ethnic context, or cause injury to another individual.
  3. Submissions or Content that would be classified as RC (refused classification), R18+, or X18+ in Australia are prohibited. This includes amongst other things forms of sexual exploitation material, pro-terror material, crime and violence material and drug-related material.
  4. Don’t post Submissions or Content that is misleading, deceptive, unsubstantiated.
  5. Don’t post, livestream or share Content that is unconscionable or objectionable.
  6. Don’t post links to other websites, posts, or pages without first checking that such sharing is authorized and that the Content is lawful.
  7. Don’t remove, obscure, or alter any copyright notices, trademarks, or other proprietary rights or legal notices, documents, or hyperlinks that may appear in or be provided through the Site.
  8. Don’t harass, abuse, stalk, threaten, defame, humiliate or otherwise infringe or violate the rights of any other party, encourage or make available information concerning self-harm or suicide, or promotes or encourages feeding or eating disorder behavior. You acknowledge and agree that Apple is not in any way responsible for any such use or misuse by you.
  9. Don’t plan or engage in any illegal activity using, involving, or relating to the Site or Programs.
  10. Submissions should not contain Content that’s intended to promote or commit an illegal act or a potentially hazardous or dangerous activity, including:
  11. Software or descriptions of processes that break or otherwise “work around” digital rights management software or hardware.
  12. Conversations about “ripping” DVDs or working around digital rights management software used on Apple Music or other media sources in an effort to use copy-protected Content in your work.
  13. Scanning pages of a copyright-protected book and including them in your post or Content.
  14. Posting of how-to instructions related to activities that could give rise to personal injury, property damage, or death.
  15. Apple may remove or delete any Content you post in the event any of the foregoing practices are exhibited or have occurred or as may be required by applicable law.

How to make a complaint about non-compliance with these Forum Guidelines:

  • If you believe that any Content made available via the Forum, Site or Programs violates these Terms or the Forum Guidelines and you would like to report the violation, or make a complaint to Apple, please email
  • In Australia, you may also make a complaint to the Australian eSafety Commissioner.  eSafety's reporting forms are available at

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