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Inspired by the Everyone Can Create series I always look to encourage teachers to use video, photography, music and drawing as a way to embed creativity across the curriculum. When it comes to some of our most loved texts, utilising these four elements can be a great way to engage learners in innovative ways using Apple technology.

Over the last two years I've added 20 books to the collection including Who Let The Gods Out, Wonder, The Enormous Crocodile and The Highwayman. The collection can be viewed here: World Book Day - Google Drive


An example of one of the resources.

My question is, which books would you like to get more creative with? I'm looking to build more content to cover a wider range of books aimed at children aged 3 to 11. What texts and stories do you cover and would like to get more creative with?


An example of one of the resources

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August 27, 2022

We did some of these during lockdown and the children loved them.

Book my class have loved

Leo and the Gorgons Curse - Todd Stanton (or any of his books)

The Dark - Lemony Snickett

The Water Dragon: A Chinese Legend - Li Jian

August 27, 2022

Thanks Sophie. I love the idea of creating something for The Water Dragon, particularly with the weather we've been experiencing this summer in the UK.

August 27, 2022

Simon, I love this! So creative and streamlined for use. I don’t know if middle school science would be an area that you would get into, but I use the book Notable Notebooks: Scientists and Their Writings by Jessica Fries-Gaither with my students. It’s a read aloud that actually has a great resource of an astronaut reading from space at

I wonder what you think would pair up well with this book?

August 27, 2022

Leah - This sounds like an exciting tangent to the concept and one I'm happy to explore. I'm not familiar with the book but will do some research and share a few ideas. Watch this space!

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