Sorting skills in Early Years Mathematics using Pages

I LOVE it when teachers integrate technology into their lessons in the classroom and I love it when they do this in a really simple way.

I am not a big advocate for a lot of technology in Early Years, I’d rather children were out running, climbing and developing their physical and mental wellbeing in their lessons and activities. However, it is important that children learn the essential digital skills they need going forward.

An effective early years teacher in my view has lots of different stations around the classroom in their task board mathematics/numeracy lessons. One of these stations could have a couple of iPads with a little sorting activity allowing children to sort objects based on different criteria.

I like it when teachers have the knowledge and experience of creating these resources so below I have attached a sorting activity template which can be used in the Pages app and also, here is a link to a video showing teachers how they can use Pages to create a simple sorting activity using the shapes available in Pages -

I hope this helps!


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