Using Magic Move in Keynote to Sort 3D Shapes

Recently, I collaborated with a group of first grade teachers who were looking for an engaging way for their students to show understanding of classifying three dimensional shapes. Magic Move in Keynote was the perfect activity for their first graders to sort 3D shapes into various categories.

Using the shapes library in Keynote (and with the help of grouping and subtracting shapes), I created a template to share with the students. I taught the students how to use the Magic Move transition with the first set of shapes - then, they completed the "try on your own" set by themselves. Hearing the students' excitement when their shapes "magically" moved was the best!

Using Magic Move in Keynote to sort three dimensional shapes
Steps to add Magic Move transition:

  1. In the slide navigator, tap the slide you want to add the Magic Move transition to > tap again > click Transition
  2. Tap Add Transition > select "Magic Move" > and tap Done
  3. Tap Duplicate > tap Done
  4. Sort the shapes on the duplicated slide
  5. Repeat the same steps for the second set of 3D shapes

Once students completed sorting the shapes provided in the template, they were tasked with creating their own Magic Move transition. Students added an additional blank slide to their presentation and searched for 3D shapes in the Keynote shapes library. Then, they followed the same steps to add the Magic Move transition and sort the shapes they had chosen.

Not teaching classifying 3D shapes? You can use Magic Move to sort verbs/adjectives/nouns, nonliving vs living, etc.! The possibilities are endless!


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Posted on April 26, 2024

Love love love Magic Move!! Such a fun way to show their knowledge!

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