Symmetrical vs Not Symmetrical

The shapes in Keynote are too good! I love to have students create a sort in Keynote using the Magic Move transition. This allows students to pull from the bank of shapes based off a given topic. Then they can use the slide transition Magic Move to sort the items into categories.  

Steps to Create:

  1. Students create a blank presentation in Keynote.
  2. Then have students search the shapes in Keynote to find shapes that have a line of symmetry and shapes that do not.
  3. Have students place the shapes anywhere on the page and add any formatting changes they want to make.
  4. Now students are ready to make a magic move transition. Tap on the slide in the slide navigator > tap Transition > Select Magic Move > Tap Done > Tap Duplicate > On the duplicated slide sort the shapes into the appropriate categories "symmetrical and not symmetrical" > Add a text box for each title category.
  5. Press the play button to view the slide show and watch the shapes glide into their new category.
  6. You can then export & send the file as an Animated GIF or Movie.

Magic Move is a fabulous transition to use for sorting items into categories. You could sort into categories (2, 3, 4, etc).

A few other ways that you can use the Magic Move transition:

✨ Any sort - types of coins, living vs nonliving, 2D shapes vs 3D shapes

✨ Animating a life cycle

✨ Division or Multiplication word problems

✨ Ordering items (numbers on a number line, etc)

✨ Smooth transitions for video creation



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Posted on March 08, 2024

I love this idea, Lindsay! I'm sharing it immediately with a 4th grade teacher I support. Magic Move for the win!

Posted on March 10, 2024

Agree with Kelsey, this is a simple and easy way to emphasize vocabulary! And thanks for the additional ideas on using Magic Move and the steps!

Posted on March 11, 2024

This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing! Love this! Love how versatile Keynote is! What a great way to use Magic Move! Thanks for the visual example and all the steps and extra ideas! Well done! Keep being awesome for kids!

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