Blending Code and Create with Spirals and Loops - Lesson Idea.

This lesson concept is one I have used to engage creative students with code.

For this students can be beginners to Swift Playgrounds and/or GarageBand.

Step 1. Learn to Code

Using the Spirals Playground Book in Swift Playgrounds take students thought the various spirals activities. After completing these they will reach the 'Playtime' task which will allow them to customise colours and values.

After creating a spiral they like they can then proceed to the next step.

Step 2. Create the music Loop.

Using GarageBand select Live Loops and choose a Loop Style.

Have students consider the speed that they choose for their loops, does this tempo = a certain style of music? Next is the tricky bit using multi-tasking bring slideover the Playground so you can see the spirals and the loops and once.

Step 3. Activate loops to match the speed and values of the code. You can still change the code to adjust colours and values with the slideover multitasking view.

Step 4. Capture the creativity

There are several different ways this activity can be captured. Below are two which we have used.

1. Screen record in multi-tasking view. This will capture the code + the loops.

2. Record both separately in their full screen windows and edit together in iMovie.

Step 5. Share.

Share your students creations with the class and celebrate their creativity and code.

Below is a video sample of how it might look. If you try this activity it would be great to see your own example shared in the comments section of this post.  


3 replies

August 27, 2022


August 27, 2022

Love this idea, adds more depth to the spiral.

August 27, 2022

Definitely we also use Spirals with markup to create art. A nice way of introducing code to create classes.

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