Goal Tracking

Our district has recently put a strategic focus on student goal setting. Many teachers were looking for ways to have students track their own goals for each unit in the area of ELA and Math. This specific tracker includes a Home Page that organizes the ELA and Math units.


This is the home page that students can use. There are two sections-ELA and math.
Home Page

Each of the units link to a corresponding sheet that will allow them to track their proficiency level towards a priority standard. Students take a pre-test, midpoint, and summative assessment. This is tracked in the table and will populate into the chart as well. Students love the visual this provides. There also is a box one each sheet for students to type out their goal.


This shows the table and chart that will track their pre-test, midpoint, and summative assessments.
This is what each unit page looks like for ELA and math. A table, chart, goal text box, and home button will appear on each page.

Lastly, to make this page function smoothly, there is a home button on the top right hand corner of each sheet that will connect them back to the home page. This saves them from having to scroll through the sheets to find the correct page.


Home button
This is the home button that appears in the top right hand corner of each page. It will direct students back to their home page.

Teachers pushed this out through SchoolWork. Each student then has their own copy to update throughout the year.

The template for this is below.


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Posted on September 29, 2022

This is a great idea to empower students to track their own growth. I especially love that it gives them a personal artifact for reflection throughout the year as they set and evaluate their own goals. Thanks for sharing!

Posted on March 29, 2024

Looks great! But I am unable to download it, are you able to share different link? Thank you!

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