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Keynote Pumpkin Creator
Keynote Pumpkin Halloween example.

This is a nice, fun, activity which expands on #EveryoneCanCreate Design with Shapes project. The Keynote template has a colour palette, a blank pumpkin, with eyes and mouths that give students the opportunity to create their own pumpkin designs. This activity can be a great way for students to expand upon previously learned digital literacy skills and apply them to a seasonal topic. Once the graphic/animation has been created it can be used in further showcases of knowledge such as video or learning journals.

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Extension activity

If students are looking to expand their digital literacy then as an extension activity they can create an animated Jack O’Lantern.

Use the fire animation Keynote to give the pumpkin a truly spooky feel and make your Jack O’Lantern come to life. Share the steps below to give it a nice animated feel:

  1. Export the fire slides as an animated GIF
  2. Copy using the share sheet
  3. Paste the GIF onto the pumpkin Keynote
  4. Tap the paint brush > arrange > slide back to front
  5. Subtract the eyes/mouth from the pumpkin head
  6. Colour your pumpkin as appropriate
  7. Export your slide as an animated GIF


Combine shapes menu
Animated Jack O’Lantern
Share your creations using #AppleEDUChat #EveryoneCanCreate #JackOMartin

Can’t wait to see what you all create.



2 replies

October 19, 2022

Thanks so much for the downloads and idea @mcoutts81!

I was wondering how this might also work with student photography of carved pumpkins or even photographs of whole pumpkins in a pumpkin patch. So I downloaded your creative shapes and Keynote animation and tried it with a primary source photograph from the Library of Congress.


Library of Congress Pumpkin Patch
Library of Congress: Pumpkin patch near Litchfield, Connecticut https://www.loc.gov/resource/highsm.19340/

I love pumpkin season. There are a couple of other pumpkin related classroom activities posted in our Apple Education Community. Check out:

Who has other pumpkin season activities to share?

October 30, 2022

This is super fun! Anyone sharing examples of work on Twitter or IG? Would love to see any examples - thanks!

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