Empowering Classroom Creators

As a teacher, one has to use a creative mindset constantly. The necessity of iterating a lesson plan until it’s just right or finding new avenues of opportunity for students that need to see information in a different way is a constant in the classroom. Technology opens up new doors for creativity by providing entirely new avenues for content creation and authentic assessment. So how do we build capacity for this kind of creative thinking in future (and practicing) teachers? There’s a lot of talk about “the classrooms of tomorrow,” but how do we support pre-service (and in-service) teachers in thinking creatively today?

This book provides four project-based challenges aligned with the ISTE Standards for Educators and designed to get teachers thinking critically and creatively about their professional growth as educators and about how best to support their students as creative, critical thinkers. While these projects were originally designed with pre-service teachers in mind, they can all be adjusted to meet the needs of practicing teachers seeking to enhance their own creativity in the classroom. Let’s dig in and start empowering classroom creators! 

Empowering Classroom Creators book cover
Book cover for Empowering Classroom Creators, available for free in Apple Books
You can download Empowering Classroom Creators: Projects Designed for Pre-service Teachers and Inspired by Everyone Can Create for free on Apple Books.

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Posted on October 31, 2022

Thanks for this Jessica! Very helpful connection between ISTE standards and classroom lessons. I really appreciated the section on Digital Citizenship and the explanation (and great video) on Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency. Also the teachers PSAs were super!

Posted on November 01, 2022

Thanks, Cheryl! While this book was originally published a few years ago, we still facilitate versions of these projects in our undergraduate technology & teaching courses. It's fun to see what students create each semester as the tools they're using to create content continue to evolve!

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