Early Learning Series

Children are born full of curiosity about the world around them. Unleashing that curiosity through exploration and creative avenues helps students develop and communicate new ideas, become better problem solvers, and discover ways to leave their mark in the world.

In the Forum posts linked below, Apple Professional Learning Specialists from across Australia and New Zealand share a variety of resources and examples that use Clips, Keynote, and Numbers to foster curiosity and creativity with early learners.

We’re Going on a Shape Hunt - Using Clips Scaffolds in an Early Years Classroom

Rachel Minns from Brisbane, Australia, shares how a Clips project can be used as a scaffold for early learners, featuring teacher prompts and reflective questions. She demonstrates how students can use Clips to create a movie capturing a range of shapes from their environment.

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Developing Early Literacy Scaffolds on iPad

Eric Luna from Sydney, New South Wales, shares ways to use Keynote to help kindergarten students identify, speak, and blend sounds. Students go on a ‘literacy hunt’ around the classroom and capture letters (graphemes) using an image placeholder, before using the record audio feature to capture themselves speaking aloud.

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Supporting Early Literacy with Numbers Templates

Sandy Gardner from Brisbane, Australia, shares how to use her pre-built Numbers template to create an alphabet workbook for students. Students can listen to letter names, photograph artefacts from their environment, use the drawing tools, and drop in shapes.

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We hope you enjoy exploring these resources that you can try with your early learners.

For more ideas, download the Everyone Can Create Teacher Guide for Early Learners >

Check back soon for the next series which will be focused on ideas for using Keynote in the classroom.

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