Reimagining Creativity for Adult Learners - Book Series.

Back in 2018 I was working in adult education and had integrated the Everyone Can Code and Everyone Can Create curriculums into my own curriculum. That year I decided to collect some examples of how I was using these resources in my classroom in the hope that other teachers teaching similar curriculums locally or worldwide could find inspiration and first steps knowledge.

Think of it as a really early version of Apple Teacher Portfolio where we Activate, Explore and Apply new skills.

The first year I collected my best 10 lessons. By best I mean lessons that were tried and tested and well received by students across multiple courses. These became the Reimagining Creativity for Adult Learners Part 1 Book.

The next year I added to this with a Part 2 Book and students decided they also wanted to share their own outcomes and examples which formed a spinoff Newsletter series called Peek. Peek ended up being a 6 part series of student portfolios created by students from 2018 until 2021 when I left further education for a new role.

Of course like everything the flow of both the Reimagining Series and Peek were both interrupted by remote learning. The last issue of Peek was created remotely by students and so too were my final two books in the Reimagining Series which were titled - Reimagining Creativity for Home Learners Part 1 and 2. Due to a slight change in my audience during this time these were instead targeting at wider age group ranges so that learners at home could complete these.

For me what started as a project to document my work spiralled into an engaging project for students who wanted to be authors themselves.

Now I document my best lessons in the Apple Teacher Portfolio format but who knows we might have a 5th book in the series coming soon...

Below are some lesson screenshots and links to the books.


Coding spirals with Swift Lesson idea.


Links to Books

Reimagining Creativity for Adult Learners Part 1.

Reimagining Creativity for Adult Learners Part 2.

Reimagining Creativity for Home Learners Part 1.

Reimagining Creativity for Home Learners Part 2.

Peek Student Series. (6 in total)

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Posted on December 22, 2022

Love your connection to Apple Teacher Portfolio in how you've described this book series, Miriam! So many great projects documented here!

Posted on January 11, 2023

Looking forward to your Book Talk Miriam!

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