Freeform-Math Strategy Sharing

I have been exploring with Freeform and ways to use it in the classroom. The collaborative abilities of it really make it an unlimited space for students to share. In elementary classrooms, sharing strategies for solving word problems is a huge focus.

The Freeform boards allow flexibility to share the problem, and have students share their strategies all in one space. With the drawing tools, shapes, and photos available, students have the freedom to choose the way they show their thinking. I also love the idea of students creating their own videos explaining their thought process to solve the problem. They can add these videos to the board as well.  

Blank whiteboard with word problem shared and two different ways to respond to it. One is a blue square and one is a video.
Students have the flexibility to solve the problem in a way that works best for them.

This allows the teacher to share one file, but the answers can be submitted in a variety of formats. The teacher can then comment on student strategies and call attention to innovative ways to solve the problems.

As an added way to spice up the word problems, I used keynote to bring life to the problem I created. Adding shapes gives a realistic visual for students to refer to when solving.


Picture of 6 cows in an open field. How many legs altogether?
I changed the shape fill to an image of cow print to make my cows look more real.

Hope this Freeform strategy brings some ideas to your classroom!

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February 01, 2023

I appreciate that you highlighted students' ability to share multiple types of media all on one Freeform project, so that you are able to highlight a variety of strategies they might use to solve a single problem. What a wonderful way to elevate creativity in the problem-solving process and focus on process just as much as a final product. Thanks for sharing!

February 01, 2023

What a wonderful example of not only how to use a new app like Freeform, but of encouraging students to be creative in solving problems! I'm also a big fan of the collaborative elements you're building into the learning experience. 😀

February 06, 2023

Thanks for sharing, what a great idea.... quick question how did you share your Freeform... I've had a few teething problems when I tried to share with teachers, just wondering how it worked with your students. 😊

February 08, 2023

I had success with teachers sharing the link with the students through their LMS. The students were then able to click on the link and be added to the Freeform board.

February 08, 2023

What a wonderful use of freeform and giving students a choice to show their learning

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