Presidential Pages Project

Looking for a cool way to have students be content creators? Take a look at this Book of Presidents my 11th-grade Civics class created. We used pages and wrote about our presidents. Students added audio recordings of them reading the text as well as interactive image galleries. Each student's page was added and it was published as an ePub. This book was shared with our elementary students, who used the book to research presidents and create a project for Presidents Day!!

Check Out More About This Here

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February 02, 2023

Outstanding project - students as authors and teachers! Very engaging for both your Civics students and the 3rd graders. I really liked that they included voice. And the presidential characters museum is such a fun addition.

February 02, 2023

Can't wait to share this with my 5th grade students for researching presidents!

February 02, 2023

What a great project! Is this book also available in Apple Books? If so, would you be willing to share the link here?

February 05, 2023

I haven't published to Books yet.. If I do i will share the link for sure!!

February 08, 2023

Great! Would love to be able to share this student-created resource with others if you publish it to Apple Books!

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