Student Digital Journal Template

Teachers can utilize this Student Journal Template in any course. (This originally was made for an Interpersonal Relationships course at the high school level).

Within the template, teachers can edit the slide layout to include their units, standards, and specific information pertaining to their course. When adding a new slide, the slide layouts are set to match each type of journal page.

Student Journal Pages

Bell Ringers: Have students use the daily bell ringer page to keep a copy of all of their entrance tasks or bell ringers.

Ideas, Brainstorming & Journal: Students can upload photos or insert other forms of media. Also, they can write their thoughts in "sticky notes" or journal entries.

Exit Tasks: Students will do their exit tasks all in one spot to help keep them organized and see their growth as time goes on with new learning.

Checklist: Students can keep track of their assignments, due dates, and reflect on how they went within the checklist page.

Images: Students can have some creativity with decorating and using their student journals with different graphics that align with the color scheme.


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