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Hi friends,

Last summer I completed the Apple Learning Coach Program and thought the journaling process was phenomenal. It really helped me practice the coaching process and learn documentation strategies. I thought my teachers could benefit from this journaling process too and curating a journal of examples would create artifacts that not only would document their learning, but house examples they could refer to later. I decided to create a journal template in Pages that my teachers would complete as they worked through projects in the Everyone Can Create series.

Backstory: Each year we work with a cohort of teachers to dive deeper with technology in the classroom. We are a 1:1 iPad environment, but often find that our higher education teachers tend to live in that “substitution” area when using the iPad in class. Our goal is to help them move beyond substitution and transform teaching and learning into an innovative, personalized, and creative experience. Our program is titled “Northeast Apple Learning Academy”. In the past, we just came up with projects for teachers such as creating an interactive syllabus, modifying one assignment, sharing one application they liked, etc. After working through the Apple Learning Coach program, however, I fell in love with the detailed instructions provided in the Everyone Can Create guides and the journaling process used in the coaching program.

Details: I wanted to share the journal my teachers are using with you in case any of you could use this idea. When reviewing the journal, you’ll notice the first section is “Activity”. I have this section divided by month. My teachers were tasked with working through one project from one book each month. August - one project in the Drawing guide; September - one project from the Photo Guide; October - one project from the Music Guide; November - one project from the Video guide. I wanted my teachers to explore ideas from each guide, but not be too overwhelmed in the process. This is why we only worked through one project from each book. In their journals, they shared their example and reflected on challenges and how they might use this in their classes. The last half of the journal is titled “Application.” This section is devoted to sharing what project they chose to implement in their class and reflections on assessment, challenges, and future modifications.

My teachers have to turn their journals into me at the end of the program and those that complete the academy earn a $500 stipend and a digital Apple Learning Academy Badge that is good for 3 years. So far, I am highly impressed with their submissions! This process has truly helped many teachers move beyond substitution and allow their students to create personalized and relevant projects. I count this as a win! ….especially since we are in higher education!

Feel free to use this journal template and make it your own!


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Posted on March 18, 2023

What a great idea! And I love that you offer a stipend to teachers who complete it as a recognition of the time and effort they put into developing their skills on their own. That is rare!

Posted on April 21, 2023

Yes! We are fortunate to have admin in place that sees PD as an investment in our teachers. They are very supportive when it comes to advancing technology in teaching and learning!

Posted on March 18, 2023

Thanks for explaining your process - fantastic that you do this in higher ed!

Posted on April 21, 2023

Thanks, Cheryl!

Posted on March 24, 2023

I love this template, Carlena! We've been 1:1 in our college for several years now, and we're looking to "relaunch" our 1:1 initiative this fall to (hopefully) get faculty re-excited about creative uses of iPad in their courses. I wish I could offer them a stipend like you described above! That's awesome!

I do think this template, especially the application/goal-setting part at the end, is a really great way to help faculty find ways to make manageable changes to their course assignments. Just choosing one project to transform during the semester feels doable to busy faculty.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Posted on April 21, 2023

Thanks, Jessica! That stipend is definitely a positive incentive for teachers. The journal provides accountability too. I just finished up my first cohort and I had 18/24 teachers finish. So far I’ve gotten positive feedback, and most that didn’t quite finish have asked to rejoin next fall. I presented the completed journals to my admin along with survey data and admin just approved another cohort (and stipend) for next year!

Posted on April 17, 2023

This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I love the idea! I may pitch this to my principal to see if we could implement something similar in our school! Thank you for sharing this template and the idea behind the plan!

Posted on April 21, 2023

Thank you, Stacy! Glad you found it helpful!

Posted on December 05, 2023

We are finishing up the first Cycle with 9 teachers! The new cycle using this template (modified) for our staff will begin the 3rd week of January!

Posted on January 29, 2024

Oh, that's so great!!

Posted on January 30, 2024

This is a great idea for using with teachers - and a FANTASTIC learning journal template! Thanks for sharing!

Posted on January 31, 2024

Is there a rubric you utilized to evaluate the completed teacher portfolio?


Posted on January 31, 2024


I love the idea of a digital learning badge! Where can that be found?

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