Early Childhood Student Teaching Supervision and Observation Form

When I began my position in higher education, I was immediately assigned student teachers in early childhood special education who were completing their fieldwork in early childhood settings. At this time, I decided to update the supervision and observation form used for multiple years before my arrival. This update provided the opportunity to ensure I was observing the critical behaviors and skills that early childhood special education teachers need to demonstrate during their fieldwork experience. After many years of collaborating with others, gaining student feedback, tweaking the form, and making multiple revisions, the next step was to become more efficient when conducting observations. Thus, I decided to develop a form in pages that can be completed in real-time using my iPad and pencil. Since the implementation of the observation form, I have continued to make adjustments, so it is a work in progress. I hope this form is helpful for others, and I would be happy to chat with others about using this form.


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