How can we encourage the creative use of Apple apps in learning?

It’s very easy for us to always do what we do, without thinking about how we could actually do something a bit differently - especially when we are busy.

And if we do this, how often are our students doing it also?

I’ve been thinking about how I can encourage not only our staff, but also our students, to try something different. After chatting with a few teachers about this, I’ve decided to put together a choice board for next term that could be used by anyone.


I’ve focused on the apps I know are already being used but have thrown in a couple of ideas that I know have not been used yet as well.

The idea is that when a teacher wants to create an engaging learning task they could come to the choice board and use one of the ideas.

Each page includes some quick guidelines on why you might choose that tool and a video showing how to do it. If you prefer reading instructions, there is a link to a webpage with just that. There are also a few ideas for integration.


The choice board could be shared with students and they choose for themselves how they would like to show what they know.

There is an option to ✅ each idea once it’s been used by dragging a checkmark on to it. 

Linked on the last page is a QR code to a PDF version.

Feel free to download the choice board and use it as it is - or you might like to swap out some ideas for some of your own. ( I had to reduce the file size of the videos to upload the Pages file, so if you would prefer the original file - you can find it here.)

I’m looking forward to sharing it with my class. 😊


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April 10, 2023

Great idea and easy to do. Helps the undecided move forward! Options and choice are always winners. Thanks for the idea, share and download!

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